About Us

About Us

The Arab Drugstore Co. (ADS) is a pharmaceutical importer and distributor, established in the year 1949, supplying pharmacies as well hospitals with Branded Medicines, Para-pharmaceuticals, and OTC products, for both the private and public sectors. At ADS, we recognize the needs of the Clients Pharmacists, Doctors, and Healthcare givers and realize that our novel comprehensive portfolio, efficient service and value of products are all of equal importance to our Customers. We believe that our success lies in our ability to fill in the market needs and establishing a long term relationship of mutual benefit with our clients.


  • 1949

    Started as a Pharmaceutical importer & distributor.

  • 1949-1975

    A great growth period for the company. All resources and know-how had been utilized to enhance the Pharmaceutical Business, up until the year 1975 when ADS became the market leader.

  • 1976

    ADS diversified its business to include Medical Equipment and Supplies for hospitals.

  • 1979

    ADS witnessed its 3rd expansion by introducing the Laboratories and Scientific Equipment & Supplies.

  • 1982

    ADS complemented its lines by the addition of Dental Equipment and Supplies. During that period, ADS realized the importance of the After- Sales-Service and started building its Service & Maintenance Teams. Since then, it has been the most reputable, professional and experienced team in Jordan.

  • 1986

    To serve the purpose of specialization, and to enhance the profitability of the two different profit business Units, an internal separation between the Pharmaceutical & Medical Departments had taken place.

  • 1994

    ADS moved its operation to its new premises, reflecting its leading position in Jordan

  • 1999

    In accordance with the need for specialization, and to meet the 2000 challenges as well as to secure successful continuity, a vital restructuring process took place by registering ADS s sister company Arab Medical and Scientific Alliance (B.V. AMSA) the company that have, since, become the importer and distributor of Medical, Laboratory, Scientific, and Dental Equipment.

  • 2010

    The breakthrough of the business development department and expansion into foreign markets.

  • 2012

    The birth of Amsterdam Medical and Scientific Alliance, another sister company of ADS, specialized in producing medical disposables as well as representing different healthcare companies in the Middle East and Europe.



To become Jordan’s yardstick pharmaceutical organization when it comes to values, customer experience, diversity of products and digitalization of lean operations, in the eyes of its workforce, partners in addition to its clients.



We supply pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare customers with their needs in an advanced fast manner that always considers mutual benefit.